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101 Answers to Questions About the Book of Revelation

For many people, the book of Revelation is shrouded in mystery. They’re unsure of how to understand this fascinating panorama of the end times that’s filled with divine ...

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1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon (Ironside)

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Devotional, practical, and Christ-centered, the Ironside Expository Commentary Series offers insightful and practical comments that bring out the essential truths of God's Word ...

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Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 Weeks

The very brief but famous prophecy of the seventy weeks, recorded in Daniel 9:24-27, has always been a focus of interest to interpreters of the Word, regardless of their ...

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Faith That Works: Studies in the Epistle of James

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Conscientious but busy students of the Bible will embrace Faith that Works, as they have the author's earlier commentaries, with enthusiasm. Its concise ...

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Guarding the Gospel of Grace - Contending for the Faith in the Face of Compromise

We often lack peace, joy, or victory in our walk with Christ because we’re not clear how God’s grace works in our lives. The books of Galatians and ...

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Hebrews: A Commentary

From David Levy, author of The Tabernacle, comes a new, can't-miss commentary. Hebrews is one of the most important epistles in the New Testament, as it presents Jesus Christ ...

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II Peter: Standing Fast in the Last Days

Time is running out. Our world is changing. Learn how to live for God in these last days, identify false teachers, and focus on eternity–all from the little but ...

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Isaiah's Messiah

From the scholarly pen of Dr. Victor Buksbazen comes an outstanding work on a premier section of the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures, Isaiah 52—53. This superb and attractive little volume ...

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Israel from Conquest to Exile

Two outstanding authors, both well-versed in Hebrew and archaeology, team up to furnish an almost paragraph-by-paragraph treatment of the biblical text covering Israel’s history from the time of the ...

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Jeremiah and Lamentations (Ironside)

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These two outstanding books of the Bible written by the prophet Jeremiah are filled with deep truths and important historical information that many people ...

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Joel: The Day of the Lord

What lies in store for the nations of the world? Learn what God has planned concerning the destiny of nations as they relate to Israel in the Day of the ...

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Malachi: Messenger of Rebuke and Renewal

Whatever the need—social, political, or religious—you’ll find the answer in this verse-by-verse, nontechnical exposition that deals with contemporary issues while providing a comprehensive chronology of Israel’s ...

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Proverbs and Song of Solomon (Ironside)

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It's back, complete and unabridged with improved readability and full of concise applicable wisdom culled directly from Scripture. Ironside's commentary is the ...

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Revelation: Hearing the Last Word

Why is there so much uncertainty and disagreement about the last days? What can we know about the Antichrist? What is the order of end-time events? What about Israel? What ...

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Romans - The Gospel of God's Grace

This remarkable and soul-searching commentary on the Book of Romans is the fruit of more than 40-years of study, teaching, and preaching by the founding president of Grace Theological Seminary ...

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The Most High God - A Commentary of the Book of Daniel

This clear, concise, and consistently premillennial exposition is one of the finest commentaries on the book of Daniel available today. It sheds tremendous light on prophecy, the Times of the ...

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The Prophet Isaiah

One of the finest commentaries ever written on one of the greatest prophetic books in all of Scripture. This volume combines both of Dr. Buksbazen’s previous commentaries, long out ...

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The Romance of Redemption

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The well-respected Bible teacher and founder of Radio Bible Class, M. R. De Haan, presents these devotional commentaries on Bible books and topics that ...

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The Ruin and Restoration of Israel

A Study of Hosea, Amos, and Micah. An outstanding exposition that is as contemporary as today’s news. Based on a literal-grammatical interpretation of Scripture, this newest book from the ...

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When Prophets Speak of Judgment - Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai

Is our nation on the brink of judgment? In this fascinating overview of Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai, you’ll discover that the very conditions that led to Judah’s downfall ...

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Easily one of the finest commentaries available on the subject, David Baron's Zechariah is an outstanding addition to our Classics Collection. It is readable, true to Scripture, relevant, and ...

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Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse

The book of Zechariah is second only to Isaiah when it comes to Messianic prophecy. And it’s filled with information on future events, including the coming Tribulation and the ...

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