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Doctrinal & Biblical Studies

101 Answers to Questions About the Book of Revelation

For many people, the book of Revelation is shrouded in mystery. They’re unsure of how to understand this fascinating panorama of the end times that’s filled with divine ...

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2016 Prophecy Conference Highlights (CD, MP3)

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Basic Theology

Everyone is a theologian of sorts. Theology simply means thinking about God and expressing those thoughts in some way. But sloppy theology is a problem. As Christians, our thoughts about ...

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Behold, the Bridegroom Comes! Pamphlet

In ancient times, a Jewish bridegroom would go to his fiancée’s home to take her as his wife. In the same way, Jesus came to earth to take the ...

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Charting the Bible Chronologically

The Bible follows the rise and fall of kingdoms and governments, covers millennia of ancient history, and reveals God’s plan for humanity through powerful accounts that still speak today ...

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Come and See What Will Take Place in the Future

An absolutely brilliant way to teach Bible prophecy! Designed around colorful drawings, bold graphics, and easy-to-follow time lines, this unique work explains the books of Daniel and Revelation and other ...

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Daily Life at the Time of Jesus

Expertly researched and filled with important historical information, customs, and practices that will help you better understand life in the first century. This unique book also includes the most significant ...

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Dispensationalism, Revised and Expanded

Brilliantly written, clear, concise, and of paramount importance in a world that is turning its back on the literal-grammatical-historical interpretation of Scripture. Here is the definitive book on Dispensational Theology ...

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Faith That Works: Studies in the Epistle of James

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Conscientious but busy students of the Bible will embrace Faith that Works, as they have the author's earlier commentaries, with enthusiasm. Its concise ...

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Freedom in Christ

Have you ever wondered what your relationship should be to the commandments of the Law?

This exceptional, informative work from the pastor of the Jerusalem Assembly—House of Redemption in ...

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Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged

Author Barry E. Horner writes to persuade readers concerning the divine validity of the Jew today (based on Romans 11:28), as well as the nation of Israel and the ...

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Guarding the Gospel of Grace - Contending for the Faith in the Face of Compromise

We often lack peace, joy, or victory in our walk with Christ because we’re not clear how God’s grace works in our lives. The books of Galatians and ...

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Has the Church Replaced Israel?

The relationship between Israel and the church continues to be a controversial topic led by this question: Does the church replace, supersede, or fulfill the nation of Israel in God ...

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Hebrews: A Commentary

From David Levy, author of The Tabernacle, comes a new, can't-miss commentary. Hebrews is one of the most important epistles in the New Testament, as it presents Jesus Christ ...

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II Peter: Standing Fast in the Last Days

Time is running out. Our world is changing. Learn how to live for God in these last days, identify false teachers, and focus on eternity–all from the little but ...

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Isaiah's Messiah

From the scholarly pen of Dr. Victor Buksbazen comes an outstanding work on a premier section of the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures, Isaiah 52—53. This superb and attractive little volume ...

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Israel from Conquest to Exile

Two outstanding authors, both well-versed in Hebrew and archaeology, team up to furnish an almost paragraph-by-paragraph treatment of the biblical text covering Israel’s history from the time of the ...

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Jacob's Dozen - A Prophetic Look at the Tribes of Israel

Near the end of his life, Jacob prophesied concerning his twelve sons and their progeny. This scholarly yet clear and readable look at the twelves tribes of Israel will amaze ...

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Jericho Unearthed

Produced by Sourceflix, Inc.

The battle of Jericho is one of the most enduring and well-known biblical stories. Yet, the most famous excavation of this ancient site, carried out in ...

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Jesus is Coming

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The great evangelist R. A. Torrey called this work “one of the books that has had a decidedly formative influence on my life and ...

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Joel: The Day of the Lord

What lies in store for the nations of the world? Learn what God has planned concerning the destiny of nations as they relate to Israel in the Day of the ...

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Law and Grace

A comprehensive study of the law from Genesis to Revelation. Can the law save? Why did God give the law? Are Christians under the law of Moses? If not, what ...

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Lawfully Wedded

Many have wondered, “what is marriage?” What makes a man and woman husband and wife? Since God instituted marriage, He must be the ultimate authority on the subject. And if ...

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Maranatha: Our Lord, Come!

This in-depth study by Renald Showers addresses such issues as the Day of the Lord, its relationship to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the Great Tribulation, the 70 ...

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Millennialism - The Two Major Views

A 400-page paperback classic, carefully and systematically lays out the biblical interpretation systems for both the Premillennial and Amillennial views. First published in 1936, this outstanding work by one of ...

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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

Produced by Thinking Man Films

A debate rages over the credibility of the Bible. Most archeologists today have concluded that there’s no evidence that the Exodus of Israelite slaves ...

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Revelation: Hearing the Last Word

Why is there so much uncertainty and disagreement about the last days? What can we know about the Antichrist? What is the order of end-time events? What about Israel? What ...

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Romans - The Gospel of God's Grace

This remarkable and soul-searching commentary on the Book of Romans is the fruit of more than 40-years of study, teaching, and preaching by the founding president of Grace Theological Seminary ...

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Spiritual Gifts

For quite a few years, sincere Christians have struggled with several significant issues related to the subject of spiritual gifts. What is a spiritual gift? How can a person discern ...

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The Chariot of Israel: Exploits of the Prophet Elijah

Although no book in the Bible bears his name, Elijah was one of the most remarkable prophets in Scripture. This study of Elijah and his ministry will captivate you, and ...

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The Feasts of Israel

Many of the Bible’s most incredible prophecies about Christ are hidden in the Jewish holidays and feasts of the Old Testament. You’ll discover that much of what Jesus ...

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The Foundations of Faith

With exceptional fidelity to Scripture, Dr. Showers tackles Bibliology and Christology—the doctrines of the Bible and Messiah. Learn what the Bible says about itself, why no other book in ...

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The God of Israel: One God or Three? Pamphlet

The creedal statement of Judaism is Deuteronomy 6:4: “Here, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one!” So how can He be three? In this 11-page pamphlet ...

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The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel

In this reedited version of his highly acclaimed 1954 classic, you’ll share Dr. Buksbazen’s heart for the Jewish people as he leads you into an exciting encounter with ...

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The Greatness of the Kingdom

We actually went looking for this book. Written in 1959, it has no equal and today remains one of the finest, most relevant works on the Kingdom of God—the ...

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The Holy Spirit

All students of Scripture can benefit from this concise, practical study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. All the doctrinal essentials are here, clearly organized and explained ...

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The Most High God - A Commentary of the Book of Daniel

This clear, concise, and consistently premillennial exposition is one of the finest commentaries on the book of Daniel available today. It sheds tremendous light on prophecy, the Times of the ...

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The Outpouring - Jesus in the Feasts of Israel

God certified the credentials of the Jewish Messiah among Abraham’s seed in connection with the great, festive commemorations of the Jewish nation. John’s Gospel will come alive as ...

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There Really is a Difference

Learn how theological differences affect such issues as God’s ultimate purpose for history, God’s program for Israel, the church, and the Christian’s relationship to the Mosaic Law ...

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The Romance of Redemption

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The well-respected Bible teacher and founder of Radio Bible Class, M. R. De Haan, presents these devotional commentaries on Bible books and topics that ...

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The Ruin and Restoration of Israel

A Study of Hosea, Amos, and Micah. An outstanding exposition that is as contemporary as today’s news. Based on a literal-grammatical interpretation of Scripture, this newest book from the ...

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The Sign of His Coming

Jesus’ disciples were as anxious as we are today to know the timing of His return as King. In Matthew 24-25 Jesus delivered the well-known, but often misunderstood, Olivet Discourse ...

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The Tabernacle

Explore Israel’s wilderness Tabernacle, the service of the priesthood, and the significance of the sacrifices. Excellent illustrations will open new vistas of biblical truth as ceremonies, sacrifices, and priestly ...

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Those Invisible Spirits Called Angels

Much is said about angels these days. But how much of it is correct? This excellent, easy-to-read volume teaches what the Bible says about angels—who they are, what they ...

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What on Earth is God Doing?

Walk from creation to eternity in a compact, exciting, easy-to-read format guaranteed to change the way you look at the world. In this revised edition, you'll finally understand the ...

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What on Earth is God Doing? Workbook

This 32-page companion workbook to What on Earth Is God Doing? is filled with visuals and study questions—great for Bible studies of all sizes. It contains 10 sections, each ...

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When Prophets Speak of Judgment - Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai

Is our nation on the brink of judgment? In this fascinating overview of Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai, you’ll discover that the very conditions that led to Judah’s downfall ...

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Who Will Face the Tribulation?

Will Christians go through the Tribulation? Is there any way for you to know for sure? The battle of beliefs about the timing of the rapture is becoming more intense ...

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Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse

The book of Zechariah is second only to Isaiah when it comes to Messianic prophecy. And it’s filled with information on future events, including the coming Tribulation and the ...

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2015 Prophecy Conference Highlights

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2014 Prophecy Conference Highlights (CD, MP3)

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2012 Prophecy Conference Highlights CD Set

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