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50 People Every Christian Should Know

Does the pressure of the world feel overwhelming? Remembering the great men and women of the past---including Charles Spurgeon, Dwight Moody, Amy Carmichael, and Fanny Crosby---will inspire you to renewed ...

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New York Times bestselling author Michael B. Oren’s memoir of his time as Israel’s ambassador to the United States provides a fascinating look inside the special relationship between ...

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Amazing Grace DVD

A former slave trader; a man grieving over his fiancee's death; a father whose four daughters were killed at sea. From out of these dark circumstances came "Amazing Grace ...

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Come, Walk With Me

From the award-winning “One Nation Under God” to the celebrated “Death Meets the Master,” this inspiring assortment of poems, mini-biographies, delightful anecdotes, and devotionals will take you for a memorable ...

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Crown of Thorns Poster

Simply but graphically portrays Christ’s perfect sacrifice on our behalf on Calvary's cross.

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While the world held its breath, Israel struck a blow for freedom under the courageous command of Lt. Col. Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu, 30, the oldest man in the rescue force ...

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Foxe's Book of Martyrs

From the first-century stoning of Stephen through his own perilous time Reformation-era England John Foxe recounts the lives, sufferings, and triumphant deaths of dozens of Christian martyrs. [Some were people ...

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Great People of the Bible DVD

Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, & Joseph. The story of the patriarchs on DVD will encourage and captivate you. Their tales of sacrifice and struggle, tribulation and triumph will inspire the faithful ...

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Halina: Faith in the Fire

Poland was a country filled with beauty—until the Nazis arrived in 1939. This is the gripping, true story of two worlds that collided during World War II and the ...

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Isaiah 9:6 - 2016 Christmas Card

20 cards and envelopes, plus 20 one-year trial-subscription cards to Israel My Glory magazine.

Inside Message:
May we glorify
the Name
as we celebrate
the day He came! 

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Israel, My Home

Produced by Andre' Djaoui

This captivating film is a new look at Israel and its rapid population growth to over 7,000,000 people-atypical for a developed country. With its ...

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Not to the Strong

Journey to the time of the judges and examine four “heroes of the faith” whom God chose to turn the tide and deliver Israel. Their frailties may mirror your own ...

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Return to the Hiding Place

Disclaimer: This film is not appropriate for younger audiences - Rated PG-13

In WWII Holland, Corrie ten Boom drafted a secret resistance army of untrained university students who navigated a deadly ...

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Rossvally: From the Synagogue to the Savior

The year was 1863, during the American War between the States. God ordained that a soul-hardened Jewish surgeon and a devout wounded drummer boy should meet on the battlefield at ...

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Secrets from Ancient Paths

The Bible is a powerful and life-changing book that we can’t live without. But oftentimes, hidden among all the words are many details that can go unnoticed. We miss ...

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Talk Thru the Bible: A Quick Guide to Help You Get More Out of the Bible


Clearance Item - $29.99  $15.00
This easy-to-use handbook summarizes each book of the Bible with at-a-glance charts, illustrations, and outlines. Start your study of an Scripture with ...

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The Best of Zvi

Fifty Years of Telling the Story on the Highways and Byways of Israel. This unique sampler of Zvi’s experiences sharing his faith will inspire and encourage you as you ...

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The Boy On The Wooden Box

Leon Leyson loved playing on the Krakow streetcars with his friends and tagging along after his older brothers. Then, suddenly, German soldiers were in his country, his city, and his ...

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The Bridge Poster

This popular painting by well-known artist William C. Ressler illustrates that Jesus Christ is the only bridge between heaven and Earth, God and man.

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The Corrie ten Boom Story DVD

Corrie ten Boom and her family are masters of their craft; they repair broken watches and return them safely to their owners. But as the evil of World War II ...

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The Hiding Place

It’s World War II. Darkness has fallen over Europe as the Nazis spread hatred, fear, and war across the globe. But on a quiet city in the Netherlands, one ...

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The Hiding Place DVD

Beautifully restored, this inspiring story of Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom now outshines its own stunning Hollywood premiere. In wartime Holland, the Ten Boom family quietly sheltered Jews in their ...

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The Jews in the Twentieth Century

Clearance Item - $10.00  $7.00
Outstanding photographs and text will introduce you to the impassioned Zionist pioneers who tilled the arid soil of Israel in search of a better ...

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There is Hope

Be encouraged by the wonderful events God has planned for His church. Learn why believers have no reason to fear the Antichrist and should look beyond the Lord’s “coming ...

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The Romance of Redemption

Clearance Item - $7.00  $2.00
The well-respected Bible teacher and founder of Radio Bible Class, M. R. De Haan, presents these devotional commentaries on Bible books and topics that ...

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The Search

This is the poignant, true account of a Jewish woman's quest to find the ultimate answers about faith, God, and life after death. Once you start reading, you won ...

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They Looked For A City

You'll hardly be able to lay down this incredible but true story of a Jewish family's bitter but triumphant struggle for survival in Eastern Europe. Travel back to ...

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Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus

Travel to Israel Without Leaving Home!

Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus takes you on a delightful trip to Israel, guided by renowned expert and author Dr. Charles H ...

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Une recherche éperdue

Certaines personnes croient en la réincarnation. D’autres prétendent que la vie se termine par la vision d’une grande lumière au bout d’un tunnel. Et, pendant des siècles ...

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ZVI: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust

This 2001 Gold Medallion Book Award Finalist is the compelling and true story of how a 10-year-old Jewish boy survives the Holocaust, finds life-transforming faith in the Messiah, and becomes ...

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Zvi: The Return DVD

Zvi visits his childhood home in Warsaw, Poland, and reflects on his experiences more than half a century after the Holocaust. This highly acclaimed documentary chronicles Zvi’s return and ...

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Candlelight 2016 Hanukkah Card (5 cards and envelopes)

Inside message: Remembering each night as we light the flame that God is faithful to His people. For He who keeps Israel will never slumber or sleep.  Wishing you and ...

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Our Messiah 2015 Christmas Card

20 cards and envelopes, plus 20 trial-subscription cards to Israel My Glory magazine.

Inside message:
He came to Earth to bring peace to all who believe.
Our Messiah and King ...

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Hymns of Comfort and Praise

Sing along as you listen to your favorite hymns played on solo piano - including such favorites as "It Is Well with My Soul," "Blessed Assurance," and "Holy, Holy, Holy!" Timothy ...

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Hymns: Timothy Shaw at the Piano

A wonderful collection of 20 delightful piano arrangements of your favorite hymns.

Timothy Shaw was born and raised in idyllic Keene, New Hampshire. He began piano lessons at the age ...

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Rejoice! Devotional Hymn Settings

Rejoice! For centuries, God’s people have used music to express their praise, thanksgiving, and devotion to Him. The children of Israel, having been led safely through the Red Sea ...

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The Hiding Place CD

An old watchmaker in Holland. His two spinster daughters, Corrie and Betsie. Simple, ordinary people. Yet these three unlikely heroes became the center of a major underground operation: To hide ...

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