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2015 Prophecy Conference Highlights

2015 Prophecy Conference Highlights image
Complete CD Set $35.95 CAD

This 8 CD set contains all 15 messages from our 2015 Prophecy Conference season.

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MP3 CD $19.95 CAD
This MP3 CD contains all 15 messages on one CD. Please note: This CD will only work in CD players designated as MP3 CD Players.
Individual Message MP3 Downloads $0.99 CAD each
Jim Showers
  1. Jesus Christ Unveiled—Rev. 1
Clarence Johnson
  1. The Groom’s Letters to His Bride—Rev. 2—3
Steve Herzig
  1. The Lion, the Lamb, and the Scroll—Rev. 4—5
Chris Katulka
  1. The Redeemer’s Seal Judgments—Rev. 6
David Levy
  1. The Redeemer’s Sealed and Saints—Rev. 7
Renald Showers
  1. The Redeemer’s Trumpet Judgments—Rev. 8—9
Pat Neff
  1. The Bittersweet Scroll—Rev. 10
Clarence Johnson
  1. The Redeemer’s Two Messengers—Rev. 11
Chris Katulka
  1. Heavenly Victory Brings Earthly War—Rev. 12
David Levy
  1. The Beast of the Sea and the Earth—Rev. 13
Pat Neff
  1. The Lamb’s Victory and Vengeance—Rev. 14
Meno Kalisher
  1. The Redeemer’s Bowl Judgments—Rev. 15—16
Charles McCracken
  1. The Rise and Fall of Babylon—Rev. 17—18
Steve Herzig
  1. The Messiah King’s Return and Reign—Rev. 19—20
Jim Showers
  1. Christ’s New Creation—Rev. 21—22