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Israel My Glory - July/August 2016

Israel My Glory - July/August 2016 image
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Prophet Priest King
The Messiah's Three Offices

Recycling History
by Elwood McQuaid
Times are changing. Or are they? Take a look at today’s religiously unaffiliated and their not-so-new view of the world.

The Greatest Prophet
by Richard D. Emmons
True prophets spoke to their people on God's behalf. Here is why Jesus was the last biblical prophet-and the one Moses told the Israelites to expect.

What Went Wrong
by David Levy
Israel’s priests were supposed to help keep their nation close to Almighty God. Instead, they led them astray, to something entirely different.

Résumé of the King
by Peter Colón
God had always planned for His people to have a king. Here is how He intended to administer His kingship authority over Israel.

The Divine Separation
by Tom Simcox
Prophet, priest, and king. Learn how God’s design for two of those offices was meant to protect Israel.

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