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Israel My Glory - March/April 2017

Israel My Glory - March/April 2017 image
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Thy Kingdom Come
A Look at what the Prophet Isaiah had to say about the future Kingdom of God

The Great Invalidation
by Steve Herzig
The UN is at it again. Here is a look at the damage it has done by venturing into what Benjamin Netanyahu has called the “theater of the absurd.”

Blessings Upon Blessings
by Mike Stallard
God tells Israel, “Arise, shine.” He has a plan, and what He has decreed is more spectacular than anyone can imagine (Isaiah 60).

Isaiah's Good News
by Richard D. Emmons
Everyone likes good news! Here are three specific blessings awaiting Israel in the future (Isaiah 61).

Sweet Beulah Land
by David M. Levy
Israel may be back in its land, but everyone wants a piece of it. This outstanding article explains how God will settle the Israel issue once and for all (Isaiah 62).

Thy Kingdom Come
by Tom Simcox
Today the world is plagued with problems, and Israel struggles merely to survive. But a time is coming when everything will change dramatically (Isaiah 65).

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