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Israel My Glory - May/June 2016

Israel My Glory - May/June 2016 image
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Unearthing Israel's Past
How archaeology today is confirming the Bible

The Stones Cry Out 
by Elwood McQuaid
Antiquities can make history and faith come alive. But if ISIS has its way, there won’t be much left to appreciate.

Mount Moriah or the City of David? 
by Randall Price
Some people say the true site of the Jewish Temple is in the City of David. That is doubtful, however. And here is why.

Footsteps In the Stones 
by Randall Price
Learn how the adventures of an archaeologist deepened his faith in God and the Bible. 

The Inquisitors 
by Peter Colón
Here’s a look at what archaeologists have discovered about the graves of the three key officials in Jesus’ trial.

The Underlying Proof 
by Randall Price
Much of Israel’s history lies underground. And sometimes, even skeptics can’t deny the evidence.

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