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Israel My Glory - September/October 2016

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The Book of Micah
From Punishment to Promise

The Peter Principle
by Elwood McQuaid
What do you do when the Bible says one thing and the government says another? Follow the principle of the apostle Peter.

Hear! O Israel
by Tom Davis
Sometimes history may seem confusing. Here is a clear, excellent overview of the book of Micah and the times in which it was written.

The Decivilization of Judah
by David M. Levy
Bribery, thievery, treachery. Ancient Judah had them all. Learn how corruption infected the nation and led to its downfall (Micah 3).

O Little Town of Bethlehem
by Tom Simcox
Judgment was coming. But God still reassured the Jewish people that He would bring the Messiah, who would bring hope to the entire world (Micah 5).

Waiting for Deliverance
by Richard D. Emmons
When God punishes a nation, everyone is affected. But God preserves the just through judgment (Micah 6—7).

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