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Israel My Glory: Digital Subscription

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One-, two-, or three-year digital subscriptions (viewable on your computer, Kindle, Android, or Apple devices) to the award-winning, bimonthly magazine, Israel My Glory.

Once your subscription is activated, you’ll receive a notification e-mail with a link to the current issue of Israel My Glory. Simply log in with your e-mail address to access the magazine on your computer. Please allow 1-2 business days for your digital subscription to be activated.

We also have iPad/iPhone, Kindle, and Android apps so you can read your magazine on your favorite mobile device. Once you’ve purchased a subscription, simply download and log in with your e-mail address to access Israel My Glory.

Hard-hitting, accurate, up-to-date analysis of Israel and the Middle East. Thought-provoking examination of God's Word. Answers about the end-times. The truth behind today's headlines. Immediate access to the latest books and resources. People who want to be informed—and have a heart for God's Chosen People—rely on Israel My Glory.

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